The Disappearance of Iranian Nuclear Physicists
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The CIA and the Mossad have been cooperating for a long time on a top secret program to sabotage Iran's development of their nuclear program by persuading key individuals to defect.

If persuasion doesn't work, they are eliminated. Nuclear physicists are the focus of this international effort. Iraqi nuclear scientists were recruited during visits to France for various reasons.

In this case they were good sources for gathering information about Iraq's nuclear reactor Osiraq (Tamuze 17), which was destroyed in 1981 by the Israeli Air Force.

According to the foreign Press, the Israeli Air Force has three squadrons equipped with Jericho nuclear-tipped missiles.

Early in 2002 Ikonos imagery showed that the facilities of Israel's Jericho missile base probably support storage facilities and may serve as a central ammunition depot for Israel. Ikonos is a commercial earth observation satellite able to collect high-resolution imagery.

This view is supported by declassified Corona satellite imagery. The Corona program was a series of U.S.reconnaissance satellites developed and used by the CIA Directorate of Science & Technology with cooperation and support of the U.S. Air Force.

According to Intelligence reports and asserts, Israel has a diversified range of toxic substances, nerve-paralyzing and incapacitating substances in the area of chemical and biological weapons.

It should be noted that the information of Israel's nuclear arsenal and locations of related and other military activities, are well documented and in part referenced by diverse publications that are available from the Internet and from declassified top secret documents released to the public by the CIA and by the British MI6. The number of nuclear weapons Israel may have is not so important when you have such a diversified range of different types and sizes, especially when the number is over five hundred...

The NPT or Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is an agreement to limit the spread of nuclear weapons; it was initiated in 1968. India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea are not parties to the treaty.While India, Pakistan and North Korea have openly tested and admitted that they have nuclear weapons, Israel has had a vague policy regarding its nuclear capabilities and possession of such weapons. The articles of the NPT consist mainly of three elements: non-proliferation, disarmament, and the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful applications.

Israel has been developing nuclear weapons at its site in Dimona, previously known as a textile factory, since 1958. It is estimated that Israel may have between 200 to 400 warheads. The arsenal includes thermonuclear weapons, designed by Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam in 1951 and strategic warheads in the megaton range.

The following section is a quote from a top secret CIA document from the eighties approved for release only on January 2004.

The quote is only a small part of the entire document, which was mostly blackened and remains classified...


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